What is VUIT?

What is VUIT?

VUIT is a 3D virtual capture solution with applications across construction, engineering, real estate, hospitality, and architecture.

Utilizing cutting-edge laser technology you can now quickly and accurately capture 360º images of any space, along with complete measurement data. Whether you’re looking to map a construction site, create a virtual walkthrough of a property, or add the interior of your business to Google Street View, VUIT allows you to capture any space.

Once your site is mapped you can view it online in your Project Dashboard. From here you can export your site report, embed your virtual walkthrough on any website, or download your point cloud data for use with Autodesk ReCap or Revit.


VUIT has applications across a wide range of industries, from progress-tracking construction projects and validating as-built conditions, to showcasing real estate in virtual property tours, and capturing 2D photography and 3D data from sites in order to create immersive 3D models.

Construction and Engineering

Using 360º capture technology on construction sites we are able to document the progress of the build from pre-pour perspectives of in-slab targets, to construction, validating plans, and even renovation. Our secure cloud storage means that building managers can keep a record of all historical property data from every stage of construction, allowing them track and refer back at any time as required.

In addition to tracking progress, engineers can utilize the service to make informed remote decisions, while architects can export the data to create, immersive 3D models. From here you can annotate and share reflected ceiling plans and high-resolution floor plan images.

Real Estate and Hospitality

Using the same capture technology we are able to create beautiful 3D virtual walkthroughs of your home or business that can be shared at the touch of a button.

This service allows you to explore your space in virtual reality or from any device, and is mainly used as a marketing tool to sell a property, or showcase a restaurant, hotel, or place of public interest.

Your showcase can also be published to Google Maps, allowing the public to explore your location on Google Street View.


VUIT use the latest in 3D camera technology to capture any space – inside or outside. Our cameras record 2D and 3D data, meaning you can export floor plans, pictures, and create videos, in addition to your virtual walkthrough.

This data is incredibly accurate and can be exported and integrated into Autodesk and Revit, allowing you to create immersive 3D models and measure areas of the space.

Your completed capture is available to view on your Dashboard and is stored securely in the cloud. From your Dashboard you are able to view, share, embed, and download your data.

Using VUIT with your business

Whether you’re looking to create a 3D virtual tour, get your business on Google Street View, or capture and record accurate construction site data, VUIT is the solution for you.

Get in touch to find out how VUIT can help your business.